Hornby R7326 HM7040 Bluetooth Legacy Dongle

The Bluetooth Legacy Dongle was created to enable the HM | DCC app to control non-Bluetooth DCC decoders and work seamlessly with the Hornby Select (R8213) & Elite (R8214) controllers. The Legacy Dongle is plugged into a XpressNet socket* located on the back of Elite/Select controllers. All non-Bluetooth decoders and HM7000 decoders set to ‘DCC Mode’ can then be controlled via the HM | DCC app. Adapting your older DCC controllers for today has never been easier!

*Other DCC controllers that feature a Xpressnet socket (RJ11/RJ12) and run Xpressnet Protocol may allow for function of the HM7040: Legacy Dongle, but are untested by Hornby and cannot be recommended.