Block Signalling FROG1 Frog Juicer

There are many ways to set the frog polarity on a set of points, including adding microswitches to points motors, or using methods of operating points where there are additional contacts available.  Where this is not the case, the BLOCKsignalling Frog juicer provides another quick and easy method of automatically switching frog polarity, without the operator even needing to be aware of the polarity change.

  • Automatically corrects the frog polarity for the route selected
  • If a locomotive passes when the frog polarity is set incorrectly, the current is switched off and the polarity reversed
  • Detects double-short circuits which would otherwise shutdown the booster.
  • No mechanical moving parts or switch contacts to wear
  • Suitable for outdoor use when appropriately boxed
  • Only for use on DCC layouts