Block Signalling BOD4-RLY Infra-Red Train Detector with Relay

The BLOCKsignalling BOD4-RLY is a compact infra-red detector which detects trains passing over the sensor and operates a built-in relay in response.

  • No programming necessary (but you can adjust all settings if you wish)
  • Low current output (+5V DC) to feed leds, signals or small relays
  • Very easy to connect up to simple indications on a control panel, operate motors, signals, electromagnets, or to add as inputs to computer systems
  • Built in relay to handle up to 1.5A at 24V
  • Detects passing trains using an attached infra-red sensor (included)
  • Quick and easy way to detect trains anywhere on your layout, even in tunnels
  • Requires a 12V DC Power Supply